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Vic Sahai - Federal Candidate

Kingston and the Islands

Interested in my opinions on specific policy? Below is an outline of a few of the topics we are tackling in this election!

We Must Act Now on Climate!

I know that Kingstonians are as worried about the climate crisis as I am! The NDP will set emission-cut targets for greenhouse gases that will keep our families safe and establish clear carbon budgets for each sector of government. We will end government subsidies – $18 billion in 2020- to profitable oil and gas industries and help communities develop green-energy projects. The time to act on climate is now!

Canadians Needs a Guaranteed Liveable Income

Some people in Kingston have suffered more from the pandemic than others. This is usually due to their financial insecurity. As an MP, I want to help the NDP implement a badly needed Guaranteed Liveable Income (GLI). No one should be without the necessities of life -and hope!

Housing is a Human Right

Kingston has a housing crisis! The NDP will create at least 500,000 units across Canada of quality, affordable housing in the next ten years – half within five years. We will establish a Fast Start Fund to help communities with their housing projects. Housing is a human right, not a commodity for speculation!

Our Tax System Must Work for All

Our government needs money to fight the climate crisis, support social programs, and more. But, large corporations and the rich haven’t been paying their fair share! The NDP will return the corporate tax rate to 18%, introduce a 1% wealth tax, and close tax loopholes. We have to return fairness and equality to our tax system so that Canadians know it is working for them!

Make Post-Secondary Education Accessible

As tuition fees rise, too many Canadians can’t afford post-secondary eduction.  An NDP government will negotiate with the provinces and territories to cap and reduce tuition fees.  We will eliminate interest on federal student loan debt and introduce a debt forgiveness program aimed at forgiving up to $20,000.  Education is a human right!

Expanding Healthcare

As a public health specialist, I know how hard it is for millions of Canadians who don’t have access to Pharmacare, Dentalcare, and Eyecare.   An NDP government will work with the provinces, territories, and health professionals to establish these crucial programs – free at the point of care and financed by a public insurance system with universal coverage.  We will also work to tackle wait times and improve access to primary care.

Strengthen Workers’ Rights

Workers’ rights have been diminished in recent years, and this hurts our democracy!  An NDP government will support collective bargaining and strikes, legislate 10 paid sick days for federally regulated employees, and implement a $15 per hour federal minimum age.  We will require that part-time and contract workers be compensated equally to full-time, prioritize anti-scab legislation, and ban unpaid internships outside of educational programs.

Genuine Reconciliation not Empty Promises

As the son of indentured labourers from the British colony of Guyana, I have a unique understanding of the effects of colonialism.  An NDP government will put an end to drinking water advisories.  We will replace mere consultation with free, prior, and informed consent for Indigenous communities affected by government policies, respect and recognize treaty rights, and support locally-driven economic development and create good jobs on Indigenous communities.