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Vic Sahai - Federal Candidate

Kingston and the Islands

I am endorsing Vic Sahai because he is a proven leader for social and environmental justice, and a capable organizational change agent. Vic is committed to his pledge to be accountable to the people who elected him, not just a photo op in a quarterly newsletter. Ability, authenticity, accountability. I believe in Vic for a better future in Kingston and the Islands

Candice Christmas - 2019 Federal Green Party Candidate for Kingston and the Islands

I have known Vic since we worked together when he was a student at Queen's in the 1980s. As his career progressed, I experienced his honesty and integrity as a Public Health Scientist. His commitment to hard work and his background in Epidemiology will serve Kingston and the Islands well as he heads to Ottawa. Vic will serve with empathy and a focus on the most vulnerable in our community. His hard working history will mean he gets the job done. I support Vic Sahai and the NDP in Kingston and the Islands.

Linda Murray, CEO of Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Public Health

I have known Vic Sahai for more than thirty years. His career as an epidemiologist and expert in evidence-informed decision making in health reveal him to be someone determined to improve the lives of Canadians. He fully understands that the opportunity to enjoy good health is not available to many disadvantaged groups—as has been revealed in the unequal distribution of the burden of COVID-19. He will work to ensure that the social determinants of health become a priority.

Vic knows that many problems are neglected by politicians because they cannot be solved in four years. He wants to ensure that progress is made on the most significant issues facing us, using evidence about what works to drive public policy.

Dr. David Mowat, former Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of Canada; former Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A; former Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario

Vic's expertise in epidemiology allows him to critically engage with the details of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and to improve upon the policies taken in response to it. I am volunteering to help Vic win!

Parisa Behjat, Queen's Graduate

When I first came to Kingston in 1977, Kingston and the Island’s was perceived to be a safe Conservative seat. In 2018, it was considered a safe Liberal riding. After two strong NDP provincial campaigns by my fellow Councillor, Mary Rita Holland in 2011 and 2014, Ian Arthur was elected as our NDP MPP. He has served us well. In our most recent Federal Campaign, Barrington Walker and his campaign team performed better than ever before in Kingston and the Islands for the NDP. Clearly Kingston is no longer a safe Liberal seat. Vic Sahai will be a strong progressive candidate and an agent of change in Parliament. He has worked tirelessly in his career as a public health scientist. His work has taken him to many Northern Indigenous Communities, Africa and Latin America. As a scientist, he is very committed to tackling Climate Change. As a first generation Canadian of colour, Vic has lived experience that will allow him to represent Kingstonians well. Without hesitation I will be voting for change; I’ll be voting for Vic.

Jim Neill, Kingston City Councillor; long-time Kingston District Labour Council Executive Member

Vic is a public health scientist focused on what we all need during these challenging times of COVID and Climate Change. Vic genuinely cares about all people. He’s compassionate, intelligent, and hard working. The NDP in my opinion has the best plan to help all Canadians to thrive and tackle these challenges successfully together.

Dr. Dick Zoutman, Infectious Disease Physician; 2003 Chair of the Ontario SARS Scientific Advisory Committee