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Vic Sahai - Federal Candidate

Kingston and the Islands

The situation in Afghanistan is Desperate

August 28, 2021

Over 300 interpreters have already been murdered by Taliban forces, some alongside their families (http://www.afghaninterpreters.ca and https://nooneleft.org). This problem is not going away on its own. One veteran stated that “the Taliban were moving across Afghanistan like a suped-up sports car, and the Canadian response was equivalent to a Pinto stuck in first gear”.

With each day that passes, it becomes harder to render rescue or aid, but there are still things left that we can do to mitigate the horrors that we had a hand in creating.

We have had more than five months to help these people, while the Liberals chose to take a reactive approach instead of taking proactive steps. This is a desperate situation where, through the government’s inaction, Afghanis have died and more are in danger.

Canada must do everything it can to ensure the safety of women, minorities, and those who helped our Armed Forces. We must expand our evacuation operations while there is still a window to do so. We must ensure that the rights of women and minorities in Afghanistan are upheld. These include social, political and educational rights for all. This is a priority, and we need to start acting like it.

My heart and thoughts are with the Afghan people.

Vic Sahai